Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Day 8 of 365: No Problem.

Today's adventure brought us to Victoria Passage in Stourbridge, where Matt and I went with his parents to check out Luciano's for possibly having our dinner there after the wedding. A guy from the kitchen allowed us to take a peek around the dining room and every time we asked a question he would reply, "No problem." I'm not sure he even spoke much English, but he certainly had that phrase down.

I also found out this afternoon what Royal Mail needed someone to sign for...

It was a Marks & Spencer gift card from my friend, Teresa and her fiancé Sean -- and our very FIRST wedding gift!! (Teresa and I had attended school together from Kindergarten through high school -- so we've known each other our whole lives.) Matt & I were both so pleased and really appreciate how thoughtful it was to find a local place to send a gift card from. In the meantime, we're thinking of registering a few places online, one being, to make it easier for friends and family in the states if they wish to send something.

I suppose this will all start sinking in within the next couple of weeks -- the reality of what is about to happen. We've been on such a roller-coaster up to this point that I think we're a bit overstimulated at what we've each been through to get to present day. The main thing is that we are both completely elated that I am finally here in the UK and we no longer have to be apart. How's that for sappy?


UK Christine =^..^= said...

Great gift, that was very thoughtful of her to find a UK store! :)

I love your new profile picture.. even though I am normally not a clothes on cats kind of person.. she is really cute! lol

Also.. you don't like onions?? WHAT?!?!? They are yummy... :)

Meg said...

Re: Annie in her bee costume...this is why she hated me for the LONGEST time. I made the outfit myself as her Halloween costume and I even took her to a friend's house who had others bring their pets dressed up. I'll never do it again, but she was so adorable.