Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Day 21 of 365: It's BACON!!!

Mmm...mmm, for bacon sandwiches! This was dinner tonight. I'm still quite hungry, but I'm also too sleepy by now to make myself anything more than a bowl of cereal.

There is so much to be done in the next 11 days! Matt and I have to pick up our marriage authorities from Birmingham in the morning and drop them off at the register office in Dudley, our rings will be ready next Tuesday, and I have an eye appointment next Wednesday so I can finally get my contacts again. Also, I think I go with Em this week to meet with the hairdresser to decide on a style for the wedding while she has a skin test before having hers colored again and somewhere before the 31st, I'd like to get my caterpillars-- I mean eyebrows done so I don't look like friggin Peter Gallagher on my wedding.

It's really for everyone's benefit. Honest.

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