Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Day 29 of 365: They See Me Rollin'...They Hatin'

It's no wonder this song popped into my head when we passed this fine masterpiece today. I was waiting for Chamillionare to come cryp-walking out from the bushes or something. But seriously...WHO does this? It's a VW BUS!! Not exactly built for speed, yet, the owner must like to think so -- with the checkered "racing flag" bra on the front and the tacky flames down the side. I'd really like to see the chav who drives this. It's almost as bad as putting racing stripes or a big-ass fin or exhaust on a Ford Fiesta!!

This picture was taken on the way back from my appointment this afternoon in Stourbridge at Spec Savers. They have to order my trial pair of contacts in first (thanks to my astigmatism) and the optician said they should be here by Friday. They better be, because I wasn't planning on wearing my coke bottles to the wedding. If I need to, I'll just put on the crap contacts in that I can't see as well out of. I know it's vain of me, but I really don't want to look back at pictures of my day at myself wearing a pair of crooked glasses. I'm also hoping to find a place in the next day or two to get my eyebrows done. It's like wild kingdom up there. Wouldn't be surprised if I have a small animal in these things nesting already.

It's all coming together! Only THREE more days!!


UK Christine =^..^= said...

That is great!! lol You will have to start stalking that place so that you can see who lives there. ;)

Big Goobie cool said...


You durn Northeners just have no taste in fine automobile detailing. Im suprised being in the South for 2 years did't rub off on you.