Saturday, 4 October 2008

Day 4 of 365: Game on!

With the help of his trusty side-kick, Myst (fat cat to the right), Matt carefully scans the map to make his next strategic move. Who would have thought a video game could be so elaborate and require keen map-reading skills. I guess Grand Theft Auto's not all about bitches and hoes after all.

Also, we received a bit of good news today! Below you will see our reaction after said "good news."

We're even happier than the photo portrays. One of the main reasons is we've been dealing with a lot of extra stress lately on top of worrying about getting things sorted for getting married and then me getting my FLR(M) (Further Leave to Remain for Marriage) -- which is basically an extension on my 6 month Fiancé visa that allows me to continue living in the UK for 2 more years, but also gives me permission to work. It basically costs a liver or kidney (maybe even one's first born) to pay for this special extension/permission. And now a bit of a weight has been lifted as we are finally making our first of two big trips to Birmingham --this one will be to give notice of marriage at the register office on Monday. From there we must contact our local registrar in Dudley to book the wedding, and then wait 17 days before we can get married. Once we're married, we get to go back to Birmingham to apply in person for my FLR(M) and hopefully walk out that same day with approval. It will cost more to do it in person, but at the risk of sending it through the post and having to wait an additional 8+ weeks to work, it will pay for itself once I'm working.

With that in mind, we are two VERY happy and grateful bunnies right now. Everything is finally falling into place.


Lucky Dragonfly said...

First of all...I love the cat taking interest in the map! soo cute!...and second of all...great news on the FLR (M)...In hiensight we should have gone in person to get it...that way we would not be waiting 9 weeks later! Good Luck! :o)

UK Christine =^..^= said...

Andy is like that with Grand Theft Auto! lol he lays his map all out and even makes little pen markings on it to remember where one thing or another is. Men are crazy. ;)

Cant wait to hear about your jaunt into Birmingham tomorrow! Good luck with everything and keep us posted.

BTW.. What system does Matt play on? 360, PS3 or something else?

Pretty Panda said...

Great to hear that things are falling into place for you both. I am loving the new project, excited to see more to come!

Susan said...

everything in life teaches something. I now have nothing but the utmost sympathy and understanding of how hard it is to immigrate anywhere. Good luck on the FLR(M), I am sure it will work out, then you dont have to worry about anything till the ILR! :)

Heather said...

You look so happy. I'm happy for you