Saturday, 25 October 2008

Day 25 of 365: Girls Just Wanna Have...Quiet?

This is the result of nothing to eat all day and a quick stop at the garage on the way home for snackage. Matt went to meet up with Daz at a friend' Em and I enjoyed a night in without gunfire and without feeling as though we were under attack. Unbelievably the telly remained off nearly all night.

Em was midway through Twilight and cursing me because Stephenie Meyer had also claimed her as a "reading victim." She, in turn, handed me a book by James Patterson called The Quickie and we proceeded to sit in silence reading our books, stopping every now and again to chat a bit. I do enjoy spending time with my future sister-in-law and I love that we get along so well. Plus, it was a nice change from the boys playing "macho vigilante" on the Xbox all night. As a result of finishing The Quickie in a record-breaking 6 hours, I have been sent home with another good 'un...Double Cross (see photo).

In other news, Em & Daz have an escape artist on their hands. Their cat, Sweep, has figured out how to unlock the cat-flap and simply lets himself out now. He has apparently been doing this the past couple of weeks and it isn't uncommon for them to wake up in the morning and find that he has disappeared. The trouble is, he unlocks it to get out, but it is still locked from the other direction making it impossible for him to return inside. They have tried blocking the entrance with large things, such as his covered litter tray -- but alas, this is no match for Sweepie-cat.