Saturday, 18 October 2008

Day 18 of 365: Kleenex for MEN?

Are you SERIOUS?! Is there really a need to differentiate tissues for men and women? Just because they're not in massive boxes big enough for shoes...they couldn't be sufficient or masculine enough for men?! You've got to be joking!!

This display in Spar made Matt and I crack up when we popped in tonight to pick up something on the way to Em & Daz's. I can just imagine reaching inside and pulling out a ginormous bed sheet to blow my nose. Has marketing really come to this?

Also, came home later tonight to see this just up the road from the flat...

Apparently some kids thought it would be great fun to set fire to a mattress inside the staircase of this set of flats above the shops. Earlier in the evening we even saw some kids setting a small fire under a bus shelter with a pile of leaves. We phoned the police just to make them aware as it wasn't far from people's homes.

Freaking pyros...go find something more productive to, I dunno...a JOB maybe?


UK Christine =^..^= said...

Andy just laughed and said 'has Matt never seen those before'? lol So I guess it's an English thing... but I agree, those are crazy! :)

Can't believe they were setting fire on things!!

Kim said...

Mansize tissues are definitely ginormous. Someone at work had them, so I tried it out. Although I have to say that some of the men that I work with think they're ridiculous too!