Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Day 22 of 365: Ding, dong...Avon Calling.

Matt was being solicited by Scottish Power today (as I spied on them from upstairs) after our "dry run" to Birmingham to get the marriage authorities. They were trying to get him to switch from British Gas, but then we later discovered it wouldn't be much of a savings. Since we'll only be in the flat (hopefully) a few more months, I think we're gonna wait. Last month the visit was from the RSPCA. I don't like answering the door here mainly because I'm always nervous it will be a scam. I guess I'm just paranoid.

You see that I mentioned it was a "dry run" today? That's because we didn't make it. With Matt's odd hours this week, he tried to stay awake after work and we would have gone this morning, but his energy was completely depleted by 9:15am so he came to bed. Unfortunately, it's not so easy getting him awake again so by the time we were out the door and on our way, we realized we wouldn't make it to Birmingham before the office shut at 4pm. So we're gonna have another go tomorrow.

*crosses fingers*

I thought I would throw this in for good measure, since this blog already has one of Matt...

Matt snapped this one of me this morning when he came home from work. He says that he thought it was funny I was cuddling the teddy bear. This was the bear he sent me for Valentine's Day one year and it's SO soft and I LOVE it! I grabbed it when I went to bed since he wasn't getting home until the morning. The flash on the camera woke me up, but I was too tired to fully open my eyes so all I saw was a blurry Matt turning off the light and walking out of the room. Then again, even if my eyes were open he still would have been blurry. Thank goodness for my Spec Savers appointment next week!!

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UK Christine =^..^= said...

Thankfully we don't get a lot of people at our door unless they are bringing something from which I seem to be a big fan of these days. Especially since they have free UK shipping for anything over £5!! I mean £5 seriously.. it would cost me that much to go into Bolton to get it from another store. Anyway that was my commercial for was it good? lol