Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Day 14 of 465: Comedy or Tragedy? You Decide.

Working on the registry. It kind of goes like this...

Setting: Front room of our flat
Characters: Matt & Meg
Supporting Role: Myst

Matt: *obstinately watching X-Files - Season 5*

Meg: *points to towel set in lilac*
What do you think of these, hon?

Matt: *nods in approval & turns attention back to TV*

Meg: *points to electric can opener*
Wouldn't this be nice? And it's only 8 quid!

Matt: *hesitates before looking quickly and nodding again
in approval*

Meg: *does fist pump*
Hell yeah...check it!!

Matt: *glances momentarily away from TV to see Meg pointing at battery-operated spaghetti-twirling fork & smiles before shaking his head at the realization of what the rest of his life will be like and the nutter it will be living it with*

Meg: *realizes the same and grins*
You're stuck with me!!

Myst: *chases his tail*