Monday, 6 October 2008

Day 6 of 365: Done. And. Done.

Step one...completed. Matt and I arrived on Holliday Street in Birmingham shortly before 1pm today. We paid the meter and walked on to the registry office (above) . A man called Steve conducted our "interview." He asked us questions about where we were from and if we had been married before and managed to get a chuckle out of us both when he asked if we were related in any way. Forgetting I was "not in Kansas anymore" I made a reference that I was from Ohio and not West Virginia. Steve didn't laugh. He explained how giving notice was similar to that of Banns in a religious ceremony and that it was strictly a formality to give notice of our intention for marriage and then wait a period of 16 clear days before we can marry. This is to allow anyone objecting to our union to plea their case -- for instance, if they discovered Matt's secret underground harem. Shhhh!

It took about 45 minutes in all for Steve to hand-write all our information, ask us more questions, and make photocopies of our documents. Apparently I passed the test on whether or not I was a true American by the way I sign my name. Matt signed his first initial, last name...mine was first name, middle initial, last name (more neatly than Matt, I might add). The other example Steve used for signature format was 'George W. Bush.' To be honest, I was nervous to be so closely associated with the President...even if it was just for example.
(Note: Please, no jokes/comments about the President. I'd like to keep this blog lighthearted and fun.)

So, we're all set now and all we have left to do is confirm an available date with Dudley Register Office. We're both very excited. I can't wait!!

Also...I'm not good at sticking to JUST ONE picture for each day (if you haven't noticed).


Anonymous said...

ummm...... to plea my case would i have to do that in person or could i just phone it in? and what would be said phone number and address? your prompt reply would be appreciated as i may have to start wrapping coins for air fare. uhhh what, no this isn't jack!

Helen said...

We have to do this soon, too! Except that he's lost his birth certificate and has no idea where it is. (eye roll)

Cassandra said...

I'm not loving the WV reference ;)