Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Year 2 Day 273: Trying on a Toastie

The gardener was in today to mow the lawn. Our conversation was brief enough for him to ask me where my Pimm's was, as I was setting up the umbrella and chairs...and I responded "I wish" and then told how I was bringing Ryan outside for lunch since the sun was out and it wasn't too hot. He said it sounded like a good idea and I silently agreed.

As you can see, Ryan's plate was a bit different today...besides his usual cucumber that he likes and Yoplait Strawberry Choobs that he LOOOOOVES, I made something a little new. A nice cheese & mushroom toastie sandwich.

Matt picked up a toastie maker from Lidl last night for only £6.99 (thanks to my text about the bargain) and I think I have found my new lover.

Anyway, Ryan began with his familiar and trusty stick of  cucumber as I placed the two quarters of his toastie on the Bumbo tray...

...and my little guy didn't waste any time checking out this new treat. First he picked it up in his hands and squished it a bit, trying to explore it more with his hands and eyes, perhaps deciding on the best point of attack.

As if the sandwich had a chance?!

Consumption looked a little like this...

After he nommed a bit, he began to pull it apart to examine the innards.

Satisfied that it was safe, he carried on eating until he devoured most of the two quarters I gave him. He did gag a bit and I was completely ready to intervene, but once was only because some of the bread was stuck to the roof of his mouth and he was a little confused, and then again when it had stuck to the middle of his tongue -- but he still coughed them both forward and proceeded to put them back into his mouth and "finish" what he had started. (Disclaimer: There is a difference between choking and gagging and the latter is almost guaranteed to happen at the start of BLW, but it's the only way for the baby to learn how to guage how far back to place the food and what is too far. The gag reflex is what KEEPS them from choking.)

I retrieved the partially chewed pieces that he was no longer interested in and piled them onto his plate before pre-loading some yoghurt desert on his spoon and handing it over...

This was the aftermath. Although I admit that I munched on three of his cucumber sticks, he managed quite well today on his own. I'm especially impressed that took some time to investigate a bit and I think overall I'm really enjoying our lunch dates in the garden.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Year 2 Day 272: Magic Touch

I was able to get a photo of Ryan's two bottom teeth. They've just surfaced in the last few weeks, but aren't fully up yet and I think they still may be giving him quite a bit of grief. His hands are still constantly in his mouth and today I've been watching his tongue curiously flicker across his new found pearly whites. I've also been bitten a couple of times, though not on purpose. He likes to play with my hands and I think he just got a little over excited and bit down hard enough on my pinkie to leave a raised, red bump.

I'm wondering if he's having yet another growth spurt since he has been cluster-feeding recently and last night he woke three times between 1am and 4am. It's leaving me pretty exhausted during the day as well since he has also decided he doesn't need naps. In fact, twice today he got fussy on his play mat, but not full-on crying so I watched for cues to see what the cry was for since I knew it couldn't be food or nappy -- and that's when I saw the infamous large-mouth bass yawn. I picked him up and rocked him all of 5 minutes before he was out like a light on my shoulder. However, as soon as I placed him down somewhere to continue napping, he was up again.

When Daddy got home the three of us spent some time outside on the porch looking out over the hills so Ryan could get some fresh air. It was raining earlier in the day so we didn't manage to get a walk or garden time even. Upon returning inside, Ryan had some air time in the Jumperoo and quickly grew bored and cranky. Matt reached down and picked him up and then just rocked with his little mate...

And within five minutes this was the result!

So, for the first time in a long time, Ryan went down for bed before 8pm and Mommy took the opportunity to get some kip as well since she fully expects him to be Mr. Early Bird in the morning.

We were both back up around 11pm to come downstairs. I changed his nappy and gave him a top-up feed, but it wasn't long before it was 'lights out' again to my little tuckered out mite.

I sure hope we can get his sleep back on track before I permanently turn into a zombie.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Year 2 Day 271: ...Where The Green Grass Grows

Ryan and I spent the morning down in the garden listening to the birds and sounds of people over at the park, just past our back fence. We had the perfect little shady bit and luckily we were out in plenty of time before the heat and humidity kicked in.

I also used it as a sitting practise/photo shoot opportunity for his 6 month pictures. We're also planning on taking him in to Mothercare to Pixiefoto as we have a voucher for a free portrait.

Ryan also felt grass for the first time with his hands and feet. I had to be careful since he's quick to grab and gob. Matt caught him yesterday when trying to show him the apples coming in on the apple tree. Without warning he snatched a leaf off the branch and nearly shoved it down his throat. Not the kind of solids I'd like to encourage him to eat.

He's a slick one, our Ryan.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Year 2 Day 270: A Bedtime Story

Ryan gets a new Beatrix Potter tale each night before bed, read by myself or Matt while I feed him upstairs. Tonight's story was The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle. Tomorrow night Daddy will be reading a tale about Jeremy Fisher.

It's nice when we put him to bed together, and I must confess, I do enjoy listening to Matt read aloud.

Year 2 Day 269: Seven Inches From The Mid-Day Sun

Boy was it a hot one today! Before 9am the weather said the humidity was 85%, which may as well mean 'don't attempt ANY hair style in THIS weather.' I think in the end the high was something like 81, but it's supposed to get to 86 tomorrow and I think I may melt!

I seriously have almost no tolerance for heat and I can only strip down to so little before it's indecent exposure. Today I rocked the new jeans and my Old Navy flag tanks. I think tomorrow I may break out the shorts and flip-flops!

I'm too hot, in fact, to finish typing this I'll end with this: a photo of my handsome guys in the garden. Love them both SO much!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Year 2 Day 268: "Time for Yo-go!"

To the untrained eye this may appear as Ryan practising his 'Downward-Facing Dog' pose, but to a first-time mother...this could be the beginning of trouble. Yep...this is a progression of sorts...towards crawling and a more mobile baby. Granted, he only scoots like an inch-worm for now, but it is only a matter of time, folks!

As much as I get excited for all of these little makes me realise he's growing up fast before my very eyes and a tiny part of me can't help but wish he would stay small just a little bit longer.

In NBR (Non-Baby Related) news: I found a pair of jeans tonight that actually fit me in length. They're from New Look and only £10 (less than $20 USD -- any American knows that's good). The inseam is only 28" and I don't even have to roll them! I think it's the first pair of jeans EVER that I don't have to roll!! Plus, my body just hasn't been the same since pregnancy, understandably, so I REALLY needed some proper fitting jeans.


Thursday, 24 June 2010

Year 2 Day 267: Baby Battle Wounds

Ryan awoke bright and early at 4:30am this morning with his very first "injury" which caused Matt to react by saying, "Aww, mate...your perfect little face." Apparently some time between 2 and 4am Ryan managed to use the ONE sliver of 'claw' he had left on his right hand and scratch his little, soft baby cheek.

Such a shame...but I did put a teeny bit of Sudocrem on it and by early evening, the redness had gone down. I guess breast milk is supposed to work wonders as well on scratches. Odd, I know. It's like breast milk to babies is the Windex of the Greeks -- it fixes everything.

After 2pm, I took Ryan down to the doctor's surgery for the Thursday baby clinic. The two health visitors there were really nice and they even offered to measure his length! The one in Brierley Hill won't do it as often, but they were more than willing so we did.

Little man's gains have slowed down quite a bit and he now weighs 16 lbs 1 oz and is 65 cm long (which is roughly 25.5 in). I asked about his gains tapering and she pointed out that it's okay because he is in proportion with his length and is between the 9th and 25th percentile. She asked how things were going and if we were ready to start solids and I told her we were doing Baby-Led Weaning. I was really pleased to see a supportive smile across her face when she said that the parents they have come through now who do BLW, have reported lots of success and seem to really enjoy it. She said it is also nice because it doesn't replace breastfeeding or formula, so they're still getting the calories and antibodies they need.

Bonus to the health visitor who knows her stuff!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Year 2 Day 266: Savour This Moment

Today was a good day -- an all around really good day for many reasons. It began this morning when I noticed that Ryan's second tooth had broken through. You can only just feel the one corner, but it's definitely through the gum now! I'd like to think that is it as far as this whole teething thing is concerned, but I know all too well what I have in store.

Also, Ryan actually decided to go down for a nap and this freed me up to get some things done, such as laundry and dishes. I never thought I would be happy to be doing chores, but I now find myself looking forward to these accomplishments.

The next good thing that happened from there was THIS GUY managed to score a goal and keep the US in the World Cup! Now, to someone who does not follow this sport, in general soccer/footy does not even register on my Give-a-shit-O-meter...but when Landon Donovan scored, I sprung to my feet and shouted 'GOOOOAAAALLLLLLLLL!' It was very reminiscent of US college football, the elation I felt inside. And I'm sure my neighbour isn't very pleased he has to live so close to a loud American-type.

Ryan wasn't phased, but I'd like to think that inside he was chanting 'U-S-A...U-S-A...U-S-A!' Actually, come to think of it, that's another reason why today was so good because BOTH of Ryan's teams won their games rock on England as well!

The very best part of the day for me, however, was when I brought Ryan outside to eat some fruit we picked up earlier in the afternoon. I gave him a choice of apple, pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew. He tried a bit of each, but was particularly keen on the watermelon. In fact, look what happened after he had a bit of said watermelon...

HE CHEWED IT!!! For the FIRST time in our Baby-Led Weaning journey, he properly chewed his food rather than just sucking on it! I'm over the moon about this and so very proud of my smart cookie!

And I think he's proud of himself as well!

Wow...what a good day!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Year 2 Day 265: What to Do...What to Do?

Epitome of our day right here. Boring. Just boring. It was too hot to really be motivating enough to go anywhere and I really need a pair of jeans that fit comfortably and aren't falling apart before I go out again.

Ryan fought sleep for a majority of the day and maybe had a couple of 40 minute cat-naps. I just told Matt that I'm running a bit on empty today in particular after being up with little man since 5am -- little early bird.

I feel like we need something to occupy our time during the week now. Especially now that he is more alert and active. In fact, rarely will he even stay on his back anymore when placed on his pay mat.

He even got bored on his mat at one point and watched his Waybuloo programme with his head down.

We REALLY need to get out.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Year 2 Day 264: Night Falling on Rowley Village

I'm a bit later than I have been for some time to be blogging for the night, but Ryan was fighting sleep and then started wailing out of nowhere and pulling at his gums. I'm thinking and hoping this is the entrance of toothy number two!

They say that some babies don't react much when they're teething and the only way parents find out is when they suddenly see a tooth appear. Not our Ryan, though. He is letting the WORLD know his pain...and Mommy is doing her best to dull it with drugs before bed.

Thank you, Calprofen.

Matt finally got his Father's Day gift, albeit a bit late due to some unforeseen technical difficulties -- I had to run to Boots at Merry Hill tonight to get some photos printed. Matt's gift was a wooden frame containing the following three photos...

Emma did one with Amy as well only her D-A-D letters are pink. The best part is that both the kids have A's in their names, so we got additional glitter letters (from our weekend trip to Hobbycraft) to spell out their names for their rooms -- SCORE!

I'm pleased with how they both turned out and Matt really liked it as well. I'm already mapping out in my head what I'd like to do next year for Father's Day. HA!

On the way back home, Matt mentioned the sky being really pretty, so I convinced him to take a bit of a detour up Rowley Village to a lookout area where you could see the skyline pretty well. Lucky for us, the camera captured the beauty pretty accurately, I think.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Year 2 Day 263: Father's Day 2010

Today was Matt's first proper Father's Day. I had gotten him a card last year when Ryan was still "bunny" and had yet to make his appearance, but this year was definitely more special because he was actually here to share it with Matt. You can absolutely tell when they're together that Ryan just adores his Daddy!

We had our usual, delicious Sunday tea at Emma's and Ryan went to town. His choices this time included broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, roast potato, and Yorkshire pudding. He had tastes of everything and surprisingly studied his broccoli carefully before putting it into his mouth each time. I also had given him half my Yorkie -- which was more than generous of me -- and he ate half of it! Of course we finished off with a Frube yogurt and there's an obvious score.

Matt and I are really pleased with how he is doing with Baby-Led Weaning. He isn't quite purposefully consuming everything, but he is more intrigued by what everything is, and that's all we can ask. I think the best bit is that not only is Ryan having a bit of fun with the experience, but Matt and myself are as well.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Year 2 Day 262: The Calm Before The Storm?

I forsee these two getting up to lots of mischief when they're older. His face says it all, too...

"What? What did I do?"

Friday, 18 June 2010

Year 2 Day 261: Suitable From 6 Months

Ryan started getting some use out of one of his Christmas gifts from Nan and Grandad. Since he was only days old this past Christmas, he hadn't quite developed enough skills to use this, but now that he's a bit more tactile, he's LOVING it!

I've attached it to the end of his cot so he will have a bit of something to occupy himself if he wakes up on a morning. So far he's a fan of the purple, spinning flower and it's no surprise he often tries to eat it.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Year 2 Day 260: Abracadabra!

"Now listen to me you're getting verrrrry sleeeeeepy. When I count to three -- wait, I can't count. Erm, when I snap my fingers -- wait, I can't snap. Okay,'re getting sleepy and you're going to close your eyes and quit guarding the magic clam. Got it? And now...with a wave of my hand the clam will open..."


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Year 2 Day 259: Who's Cheeky?

This was taken when Ryan and I took a little breather in the park from our long walk down to Blackheath High Street. I wanted to check out a craft shop in hopes of finding scrap-booking goods, but I was let down. They didn't have really any scrap-booking materials and the shop in general was a bit chaotic. I could barely get the pushchair in the entire place -- it was smaller than Ryan's room! I fear this will be the case with any quest I have for scrap-booking stuff other than rip-you-off Hobby Craft.

I also took a gander inside the Hallmark store in hopes something would jump out and shout "buy me!" for Matt's Father's Day gift from Ryan. I literally walked in and down one side of the two aisles and had to stop 3 steps later because of a set of steps that led to the back of the shop. Nice. Convenient too. I pushed Ryan back out the door and the shop assistant didn't even speak a word to 'have a nice day,' just nothing.

It was this point that I gave up and just headed back home. Of course we made a stop through the park so I could get a little more sun, and I was fully prepared to whip out a blanket so Ryan and I could have a little lie in the grass. I reconsidered, however, when I thought about the probability of dog poo being less likely in my own back off we went. Still, it didn't save me from having to dodge it on the pavement.

Dear Dog Owners,


We got back to the cottage and as we walked down the drive toward our gate, I noticed the gardener was there to mow the lawn. I waved to him and decided right then I really should learn his name so I don't have to refer to him as 'the gardener' all the time. For now I will call him...Ralph. Unless anyone has any better suggestions?

Ryan was seriously sleepy once we returned and we didn't even make it up the steps once I pulled him from the pushchair, before he was sound asleep on my shoulder. I immediately removed his shoes and drew the curtains in the front room before placing him in the Moses basket. The little mite was well tuckered after his long walk in the fresh air with me...even if I did all the walking. He was resting SO well and then Myst the jerk face just HAD to bolt into the room chasing a fly and meowing at the top of his lungs.

So much for that nap!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Year 2 Day 258: Practice Makes Perfect

Something tells me that Ryan will never be the kid at school that the class bully tries to take dinner money off of -- this boy is SERIOUS about his food! I mean LOOK at that face!

After being introduced to this tasty treat on Sunday by Auntie Emma, we picked some more up at Asda last night and this morning, between feeds, Ryan enjoyed a new flavour...APRICOT! As you can see, he is still trying to master the spoon, and he missed a couple of times, but just by a little bit. In fact, I'm proud enough that every spoonful made it to his face in general! At least he's not trying to rub it in his hair or something.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Year 2 Day 257: Don't Stop Me Now!

Somebody sure was having a good time today! It seemed every time I looked down, Ryan had rolled or used his crunchy leaf on the play mat to pull himself over onto his belly. From there he would scale across the mat like he was in Mission Impossible. He may not be properly crawling, but I'd venture to say it's only a matter of time now.

We did our weekly shop at Asda earlier tonight and although he fell asleep in the car on the way there, he woke up once we arrived so I wore him in the Moby hoping he would drift back to sleep. But oh no, not my kid -- always afraid he's going to miss something, needed to flirt with the cashier.

We got home and again, he was asleep in his car seat. So I carefully tried to get him ready for bed and feed him. I had him passed out on my shoulder as I went up the stairs and as soon as I placed him in his cot I practically HEARD the ::PING:: of his eyelids in the pitch black room. He stiffened his body and immediately reached for my nose.

I gave up.

So now he is happily in Daddy's arms being rocked as we look slightly forward to the moment when he gets sleepy enough to go down for the night.

::crosses fingers that this other tooth comes through soon::

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Year 2 Day 256: Play-By-Play

Setting the Scene: Usual Sunday at Em & Daz's. Everyone is sitting around the kitchen table and both little ones strapped securely into their high chairs. Everyone starts to pass the gravy around the table and usual dinner conversation commences.

Ryan is offered some cauliflower and broccoli which he proceeds to dump into his seat -- apparently wanting to skip a step in the digestion process and get it straight into his nappy. He also had a go on some runner beans and learned quickly where his limit is on how far back he can place food in his gob. Luckily a baby's gag reflex isn't as far back as an adult's so they are less likely to actually choke on something before they begin to gag a bit to safely get the food back out of their mouth. It moves back further the older they get, but it's almost like a defense mechanism -- so if watched closely, one would be confident that they will bring the food back up and out of their mouths.

This is where Auntie Emma offers Ryan his first yogurt (pronounced Yo-girt, if you're American...and Yah-gurt, if you're British and/or don't want Daz to jokingly tell you to get out of his house).

It's fruity yogurt in a tube called a Frube. Ryan's was flavoured cherry.

Mommy pre-loads the spoon and off he went! That yogurt didn't stand a chance!!

He even pauses for a little grin to display his happiness and satisfaction with said yogurt.

::tenses body and shakes fists::

"Mommy, don't you tease me with that yogurt...get it on the spoon already!"

Needless to say, I think we can include Cherry flavoured Frube onto Ryan's list of 'I Likey' foods.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Year 2 Day 255: Raise Your Glasses...

Raise your glasses...or cans of cider -- whichev -- for a toast to the start of the FIFA World Cup 2010 in a match between England and the USA! Ryan has hit a few special milestones today...he witnessed his first World Cup game with his Daddy's country against his Mommy's country, for one. Mommy even pushed him around Merry Hill earlier this afternoon while he sported his England cap and she got looks from the British public as she was wearing her American flag shirt -- oops, was that the only clean one out of the laundry??

Secondly...he held his first can of cider -- and before anyone gets in a tizzy over this, it wasn't open and he was cooling his gums on it. I still couldn't resist a photo to commemorate the important moment.

That leads me to the most fantastic of today's events...

::drum roll::

We have a TOOTH!!

I could see it just below the gum line this morning and I made sure to point it out to Matt, so I knew it was only a matter of time. Then tonight when we went into the kitchen to show Auntie Emma she commented how she could FEEL it, so I asked her to clarify...

Me: You mean it has broken through?!

Emma: Yep.

Me: ::squeals inside from ULTIMATE excitement::

So the time has come, folks. My little guy is just growing up before my very eyes and soon that gummy grin will reveal a little white Chiclet, otherwise known as a tooth.

I don't know if I'm ready for this.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Year 2 Day 254: Just a Day, Just an Ordinary Day...

Ryan and I took a walk to the library today to return his books, however we didn't stay this time to check out any more. From there, since it is just at the bottom of our road, we took a further gander up Blackheath High Street where they are building the new library that will be finished around 2011. I can't wait since this one will be much bigger.

We carried on to the end, past all the shops and chippy's, so we could return via Rowley Village and along the way I spotted what looked to be a potential scrapbooking supplier. I'm not certain they carry scrapbooking materials, but on the sign it mentioned stationery and crafts so it is definitely worth a second look.

Once we arrived home again and unlocked the gate, we discovered Daddy waiting for us on the steps as he had not long returned home from work. As usual Ryan was quite excited to see him.

A short wander down in the garden revealed some newly budding flowers. The bluebells are nearly all gone, but there seems to be random new flowers blooming every other day. It makes me anxious to get my hanging basket up -- hopefully this weekend!

Nothing else of importance to note, really...just a relaxed start to our usual weekend, only this one includes the World Cup. Go USA and Go England!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Year 2 Day 253: Goodnight, Sweetheart

This is both my most favourite and least favourite time of the day/night -- putting Ryan to bed. I step quietly into the dimly lit room and carefully walk over to his cot, trying my best to miss the creaky bits of the floor -- I swear they move on me each time! Making sure his Sleep Sheep is turned on at just the right volume, I adjust his sleep positioner and get his blanket tucked onto one side. I sway back and forth listening to the sound of his breath on my shoulder and feeling him rise and fall against me. My cheek touches his downy soft hair and I can feel his hand, clenched tightly to my shirt, begin to slowly release and fall as he drifts deeper into sleep.

I gently stroke his back to see if he is really asleep -- and for the times when he's not, I continue to sway and even softly hum a sleepy tune. It's a rewarding feeling when I can tell it has worked.

Then, when I know without a doubt that he is truly asleep, I guide my hand up to the side of his head, give him a kiss, and lean forward placing him just on his side in the sleep positioner. Sometimes I even have to remain forward as he settles into this new position so I can give him the sense that I am still close.

When I feel it safe to stand upright again, I pull his blanket tight around him, making sure his shoulder is just covered and I tuck in the other side.

Snug as a bug in a rug.

I stand back and gaze at my beautiful sleeping son and wonder how on Earth we got so lucky. He must be happy to be sleeping so peacefully. I can't help but feel a bit sad at this point despite being happy at the same time. I'm happy because this means some free time for Mommy to get some things done sans baby. However, I'm also sad because I have to leave him behind and wait until morning to see his little gorgeous grin again.

I treasure these moments.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Year 2 Day 252: Drip, Drop, Drip...

This essentially sums up the day. It has been cold, damp and SO foggy outside and has therefore left me feeling like all I want to do is curl up with little man in a blanket and nap. In fact, that's what he and I did early this morning shortly after Matt left for work. Ryan had been up shortly after Matt came to bed around 2am and then again at I gave in and came downstairs since he wouldn't go back to sleep. So when Matt left, we headed upstairs and I positioned the pillows so he couldn't roll off. I nursed for a bit and we both had a bit of kip -- although not as much as I would have liked because shortly after I dozed off  I was woken by tiny hands grabbing my nose and mouth.

So much for THAT idea.

The final series of Big Brother was on tonight. (Take the house tour) Supposedly Channel 4 is dropping it after this, but there have been rumours that another network might pick it up. I'm a bit sad because I've enjoyed watching it every year. It's much different than the US version and I really prefer the UK one overall. So far from the lineup, however, I'm not sure it will be as interesting as it has in the past. I still say that my favourite was BB7 with Nikki and Glyn. That was the first one ever that I saw when I came to see Matt in England for the first time in the summer of 2006. That got me hooked.

Anyway, we shall see...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Year 2 Day 251: Nom, Nom, Nom

I took a small walk this afternoon to Tesco Express with Ryan in the Moby. He slept all the way there and most of the wander around the shop until I was at the till to pay. I decided to grab some more bananas since he likes those so much, and I also grabbed a small snack-sized tub of pineapple chunks. The only other fruit he has had up to this point is banana, so I was curious how he would handle something so tangy.

Initially he found it a bit tough to pick up since it was so slippery. When all else failed and he couldn't lift it to his mouth, he would just lower his face to the tray of the Bumbo and suck it to his lips from there!

I'm not sure how much he actually ingested, but he absolutely loved the juice. I just can't resist having the camera handy to catch these moments!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Year 2 Day 250: Are YOU Looking At ME?!

I just couldn't resist using this photo today. It was taken this afternoon when Ryan and I were having our lunch. This time he had his usual cucumber with some sticks of celery to nibble. The expression you see was completely by chance when he was sucking on a celery stick and it's just priceless to me!

We've also been letting him try a bit of porridge. We pre-load the spoon and let him be the one to guide it to his mouth so he can be the one in control and to decide when he's full. He absolutely wolfs it down -- he LOVES the stuff! Of course it ends up everywhere since his own aim isn't quite refined (to say the least), but it's good for him to experience holding eating utensils and feeding himself.

The funniest bit was after the final bite...his eyes suddenly got a little sleepy looking and he almost had the "milk-coma" look. Matt and I decided the porridge must have suddenly hit like a brick and he was ready to be prepped for bed. So, I nursed just enough to give him a top-up and he was out like a light!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Year 2 Day 249: You Are the Light of the World!

Well, he's the light of my world anyway -- and I think it's fair enough to speak for Matt and include him as the light of his as well. This is what I am so fortunate to look upon every morning of every day and I feel so lucky to have the moments I do with him!

It has been really, really warm off and on the past couple weeks to the point where the only comfortable place is inside and sitting on the settee in front of the fan (I've mentioned before very few places in the UK have air-conditioning as they don't need it often enough). I knew that due to the high humidity, not as though I'm a self-appointed meteorologist, we were in for some rain. Little did I know it would start last night...complete with THUNDER! Oooooo!

Yep...thunder! I haven't heard thunder since before I moved here in 2008!

So when I heard the familiar rumbling again today, I rushed upstairs to get a better look...

Coming in from just over Clent and Walton Hills was a very obvious rain shower accompanied by some very distinct thunder in the distance. I'm just hoping it will cool things down a bit, or at least enough for me to want to do more than sit around.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Year 2 Day 248: A Day in the Life...

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Ryan who loved playing on his play mat. He would reach and bat at toys while lying on his belly. Sometimes these toys would bounce off the tips of his fingers and he would have to pull on his play mat to scoot forward and toward the toy. Other times he would get frustrated and upset that he couldn't reach the toy, so he would lie his head down and pout.

Some of this pouting involved making a "Buh-buh-bbbbbb" sound whilst blowing spit bubbles and raspberries.

The times that Ryan was the most happy of all were when he got to spend time with Mommy & Daddy, Nan & Grandad, Auntie Emma, Uncle Daz and Cousin Amy. In fact, the only other thing that could make him light up as much was playing and talking with his Yojojo monkey from Waybuloo.

His Mommy & Daddy and the rest of the family enjoyed playing and talking with Ryan as well.

Sometimes, Ryan would have SO much fun that he would fall fast asleep in his car seat and wouldn't even wake up when Daddy carried inside the house from the car. This is when Mommy would feel so bad for having to disturb him just to put him to bed. But because Ryan is such a good boy, he would continue sleeping and not make a peep when he was carried up to his cot.

From this point, Mommy would stare at his beautiful face in awe and count down the hours until she could see his lovely, gorgeous smile first thing on a morning!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Year 2 Day 247: Mine?!

Upon returning home from a walk through the park tonight with Ryan, Matt and Daz, my arms were a bit full coming back into the house. I was carrying Ryan's Sophie teether in my mouth so she didn't end up being dropped and Ryan must have felt as though I were offering her to him with the way he latched onto one of her ears like a piranha. I quickly passed the camera off to Matt to snap a photo.

Ryan is really starting to roll with purpose now. He's been successfully rolling from his back to his belly since yesterday. It is usually done by grabbing for his crunchy leaf on his play mat. He is also getting really good at scooting, whether it's on his back or on his belly, he is forever moving around and I'm noticing more and more I'm seeing at least one half of him completely off the mat altogether!

I suspect it won't be too much longer until I'm having to chase him around the room and cover everything in bubble-wrap!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Year 2 Day 246: Lunch...Alfresco

The haze outside cleared up a bit this afternoon so I decided to take advantage and I prepared lunch for Ryan and myself to take outside on the patio. My menu consisted of turkey & salad sandwiches and a banana. And since Baby-Led Weaning is all about offering the same thing that you might be eating Ryan had some cucumber sticks, tomato wedges and half a banana (with the skin left on the bottom for him to hold it). He was very much a fan of the banana!

I must say that BLW has been pretty enjoyable thus far. It's nice that I don't have to be too concerned about if he is consuming enough. Since he is breastfed anyway, up to this point I have just accepted that he eats when he is hungry and that will carry through with solids as well, once he starts getting the hang of it all. Plus, it's not like his milk feeds are being replaced BY this food, they simply compliment it and he carries on breastfeeding as he has done, gradually weaning himself off the more solids he chooses to consume. Ultimately I know that if he is filling nappies and thriving, all is right in his world when it comes to getting enough to eat.