Friday, 17 October 2008

Day 17 of 365: Canal Walk

Thanks to Google Earth, I've discovered a new addition to my walk towards Wordsley. If I walk my reverse route via Cot Lane to Lawnswood, then up Bells Lane, there is a small strip of grassy area enclosed by a perimeter of trees on either side of a bike path. That path then ends at Foxhills Road, which feeds to Kinver Road, where a lovely park stands towards the left (adjacent to Ashwood Primary School) with the canal running on the other side.

It was gorgeous outside today and I calculated that if I didn't get out on my walk early, it would cloud over by 2pm...and I was right. I'll have to post the rest of my pictures on Facebook or MySpace.

The walk by the canal was so relaxing. Matt was a bit nervous about me walking along the towpath since he wants to know I am safe, but judging by the amount of women pushing prams about, I figured it was okay. The canal was pretty active with narrow boats as well -- which I love to watch. I stopped for this photo just as a narrow boat was exiting the final lock in that stretch of the canal. At one point, I saw a flock of Canadian Geese (wondering if they call them "Canadian" Geese here) and this little terrier pup came yip-yipping down the path and scared them all into the canal. The owner wasn't far behind walking a German Shepherd and commented that she didn't know what he (the terrier) would do if one of the geese were to turn on him. It was quite funny to see such a confident little dog show his "alpha" side and take on over half a dozen geese.

When I returned to the flat a couple hours later, my pedometer was just over 4 miles -- so not bad for branching a bit out of my normal route. It was 6.83 mi. by the end of the day, which includes the 2.5 miles racked up from walking around Merry Hill later in the afternoon to find the lads some shirts for their suits and to check on our rings. I sure hope this nice weather holds up for the next 2 weeks.


UK Christine =^..^= said...

Lovely picture! I am going to have to get adventurous and start walking around Westhoughton to see what I can find. :)

Helen said...

I love this one!

Pretty Panda said...

My yorkie is definitely an alpha male - he has no fear at all and always charges right up to the big dogs outside to show them who is boss. Its kinda funny - I could just picture that pup while reading your blog. As always I enjoy your words =) You should really write a book.

Alison said...