Sunday, 12 October 2008

Day 12 of 365: Stubby Nubbs

I am not to bite them for the next couple of weeks. Provided I follow orders...I get some purdy weddin' nails y'all!

Em's lovely talent brought me some nice french tips a couple years ago, on my first visit to the UK, and I LOVED them. Unfortunately my rigorous work duties coordinating birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese's made for some earlier-than-expected casualties.

We picked out Em's bridesmaid dress today and it looks absolutely gorgeous on her. I'll save showing photos until the day of the wedding. Here is one of the contenders that (although lovely on Em) didn't make the cut...

A little too "springtime"...but we were still keeping with purple theme. The one she ended up with is the same color as her shoes. A "royal" purple almost and a solid color as opposed to a pattern. I wanted to make sure she could pick something she would wear again and not be forced into something just for our wedding.

Also, I purchased these for a lovely £16...even though the little sticker said £3... (I'm not bitter at the saleslady)

They have a strap that goes around the ankle, but I haven't decided if I will use it. They're actually identical to Em's shoes aside from the color. I think they will take some breaking in within the next couple of weeks and I should keep an eye out for a backup pair if the pain becomes unbearable. The really nice thing is that they add TONS of height, which every garden gnome needs on her wedding day. :-)


Patricia said...

Love the shoes! They do look like they have the potential to cause a LOT of pain :) So a back up pair might be a good idea ;) Oh how do you get the pictures on your blog to be above and below the text? Is it a special setting? Mine are only inserting above my text when i select the "Center" option.

Lucky Dragonfly said...

Loving the purple theme! Purple is my fave colour. :o)

Lucky Dragonfly said...

Loving the purple theme! Purple is my fave colour. :o)

UK Christine =^..^= said...

That is a lovely dress.. so if that did not make the cut the one that did must be a knock out! :)

I would never be able to wear those shoes!! Kudos to you on that... But I would get a back up pair just in case, great idea!

I see what you mean about not being able to bite them.. I don't think the best nail person in the world would be able to get fake ones on those bitten nubbs! ;)