Friday, 8 October 2010

Y3 - 8/365: Daddy Taught Him Well!

Always important to check the tire pressure of your mode of transport before setting out on your journey.

Shortly after Cbeebies Bedtime Hour ended and the channel went off air, Ryan and I spent the next 30 or so minutes making circuits of the front room with the walker. I moved the shorter settee so it covers the radiator -- keeping little hands away -- and also making a nice long stretch of unobstructed floor path.

He would stop every so often towards the end and take a small break by sitting down next to the walker, and pulling out some blocks to bash together. Then he'd scrape them across the carpet and then the box to see if it would make a different sound. He's so curious!

And apparently a show-off as well?

This is the latest...he tries to walk between two objects. Whether it's Mommy and the sofa or the sofa and the walker...he's determined to give it a go, even if it means a small fall.

By half-seven he was showing signs of tiredness so he went up for his bath and by 8pm, he was spark out next to me downstairs. I kept him with me until Matt got home from Em & Daz's and then up to his cot he went.

Hope the end result is another full night's sleep, because I could get used to this!

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