Thursday, 28 October 2010

Y3 - 28/365: Business As Usual

This is the look I get before he stumbles at me, full (Ryan) speed, and flops himself across my belly whist screaming and squealing his little baby lungs out. He's pretty hilarious, actually.

I checked my bank account today and noticed that exactly £840 has "mysteriously vanished" from the balance -- I suspect UK Border Agency have their money then. Greedy punks. At least my app is complete and mailed, they have received it (and my money) and I hope to possibly get a decision by mid-November at the latest.

I must say, the ILR application has by far been the easiest and most simple to fill out and submit along with evidence. For those not familiar with the tedious process of immigration to a foreign country, this is what we sent:

  1. Application - containing 2 passport photos of myself and 1 of Matt
  2. Both my own and Matt's actual passport (to prove identity and for me to get my new visa vignette in mine)
  3. Evidence of Finances (6 months of bank statements to show we have an income)
  4. Knowledge of Life in the UK (my pass certificate from taking the ridiculous test)
  5. Evidence of Cohabitation - this is supposed to be 6 things addressed jointly covering the past two years to prove we have lived together, and they have to be from at least 3 different sources (I sent 17 in total, some addressed to each of us separately, ranging from tenancy agreements, council tax bills, and Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs, just to be safe).
And that's it. Previous applications, such as the Fiance visa, required things like phone records, photos together, and evidence of intervening devotion since we were in separate countries at the time. Then for my spousal visa, which was done in person, we had to include our marriage certificate and a budget.

I have told Matt once we get this one back in the post, I want to celebrate by shredding all of our documents we've saved the past two years solely for this application. I'll be so happy once I'm no longer under the thumb of immigration control!

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