Saturday, 2 October 2010

Y3 - 2/365: All Good Gifts Around Us

Good thing number one: Ryan slept completely through the night until half-seven this morning without even a whimper. When I went into his room to collect him this morning and bring him down to change him, he was all smiles and the most relaxed and well-rested I have ever seen him!

Good thing number two: While I was doing some last-minute cramming for the Life in the UK test, my new phone arrived via Royal Mail Special Delivery! BEHOLD! The new Samsung Galaxy S and all its shiny, new superiority!

I renewed my T-Mobile contract last week and figured if they were sticking me with a minimum 24-month contract, I may as well get a phone I knew could make it the long haul. The phone was free with the renewal, although with all the bells and whistles, it's not a cheap phone by any means.

I'll report back when I've had a chance to mess a bit with all the features.

Good thing number three: I PASSED my Life in the UK test!! Woohoo!

We dropped Ryan off at his Nan and Grandad's so we wouldn't have to worry about entertaining him the whole time in the car, considering we thought it may be almost two hours plus travel time to Wolverhampton. We managed to get there at 1pm ON THE DOT, which is when I was due to check in. Matt literally had to stop the car outside the library as I jumped out and ran frantically across the road and up the steps. Once inside, I followed a winding set of steps upstairs and must have looked lost because someone asked if I needed help,

I managed to find the room and went to check in. Thankfully the proctor said they allow a bit of extra time in case people get lost. Once I was signed in and seated at my computer, I prayed that I wouldn't come across many questions that I just didn't know.

Just for that...I came across EIGHT. Yep, 1/3 of the test was questions I was unsure about and I needed an 80% to pass and not have to re-pay and take the test again.

But I passed!! And I got my £34 red stamp on a piece of paper that I can now send off with my ILR paperwork next week.

We had even more good news when we picked Ryan up afterwards that he was good as gold for his first time ever of being away from both Mommy and Daddy. In fact, when we walked in he was fast asleep in Josie's arms and looked so peaceful. I knew of course that he would be in good hands!

So, complaints about today. None at all.

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Brianna said...

WOW- what a great day! Congrats on passing your test and Ryan sleeping through the night. Both are big, exciting things. Hope you took some time to celebrate :)