Sunday, 17 October 2010

Y3 - 17/365: Where's The Beef?

Well, we'll start with the Yorkie first...such a chore to eat this delicious treat, I know.

We had to take a rain-check on visiting Auntie Emma, Uncle Daz and cousin Amy this weekend since both Ryan and myself were still a bit congested. However, this did not mean that we were without a Sunday dinner...oh no! In fact, this one was extra special because it was prepared by Uncle Daz himself. Nom, nom, nom.

Matt brought a plate home after he went on his own today and Ryan and I quickly tucked in.

As usual, Ryan devoured his carrots (as we boiled a few extra out of our steroid-carrot collection...seriously, they're HUGE). Then I handed over a piece of my beef and he began by airing it out first.

Don't ask...I don't get it either.

Once he felt it had sufficient air-time, he began munching away. Boy, does this boy love beef! Just like his Auntie Anna in America who I believe once replied, "I like MEAT!" when asked in school what her favourite food was.

Oh, and just when you think the ritual is over...nope. Now we have to tenderize it and flop it around on the changing mat. Thank goodness we started putting this under him when he's eating in the Bumbo, otherwise he risks picking up random carpet fluff and Myst's "kittens."

It's about this time that he just begins flinging all of his food off the tray and that's how I know he's we do the sign for 'finished' or 'all done' and I begin cleaning up the mess from the F3 that just hit that part of the living room.

You may think it's over by now, but is not. Now we have to determine if he has swallowed all of his dinner. This can be done by making him laugh. Sure enough, there is still a bit that he is working on so I leave him to it.

Finally we finish with the blue sippy to wash everything down the hatch and make sure he's not storing anything in his cheeks for winter.

And that's essentially it for this post, although I had to throw in just ONE more picture because it was too funny not to.

After we ate and Ryan played on the floor with his toys a bit, Matt put him in his walker. He kept bouncing in the walker to eventually Matt switched him over to his Jumperoo thinking he might want a bit of jumping before we headed up to get him ready for bed.

It wasn't long before we saw the familiar eye-flicker and head rolling forward as Ryan once again fell asleep in the Jumperoo.

This just happens to be one of the photos I snapped as he "woke up" to carry on jumping, whilst really still asleep.

I guess that beef went down well for him to be so satisfied.

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