Thursday, 21 October 2010

Y3 - 21/365: A Night Out

There isn't a photo of dear son tonight as we were out for a meal at a Cantonese restaurant in Lye. One of the men who works in the warehouse with Matt has served the company for 25 years, so they had a surprise dinner for him and the other employees and their partners. This means, I...the wifey...reaped the benefits of a free scrummy meal -- complete with wine, courtesy Nicholas Packaging.

Don't mind if I do.

Ryan was looked after by his Nan and Grandad, so definitely in good hands. Although, he had a bit of a rough day as I noticed his fifth tooth has broken through. He didn't nap all morning or afternoon and had been super-clingy, so I knew he may have a tough time once we left.

We ended up gone four hours and when we returned he was spark out on Josie...bless! Don't know what we'd do without my in-laws.

I did honestly miss him after a bit and even brought him up several times throughout the night to Matt. Eventually we were able to excuse ourselves to get home and relieve Matt's parents. It was then that I got my long-awaited Ryan-cuddle after I gave him a dreamfeed and now he's up in his cot, comfortably sleeping.

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