Monday, 4 October 2010

Y3 - 4/365: It's a Beautiful Day!

The weather outside today has been gorgeous! This is a welcomed change as it has been dreary and overcast all week and threatened rain or even stormed. So when I opened the windows to let in a little breeze, this little butterfly (or moth, I'm not sure) got trapped inside when he mistakenly flew through a window and into the front room.

Rather than allow him to become a bite-sized snack for Mystical kitty, I humanely captured him inside a pint glass and used Ryan's Once Upon a Garden book (how appropriate) to safely transport him back out the front door to OUR garden. Of course, I let Ryan have a little peek at our flutterby friend and he squealed with delight as expected.

I apparently missed the memo today that naps were optional. There were three opportunities and each one was thwarted by a sudden alertness that was triggered as soon as Ryan left the physical connection of my body as I put him down into his cot. He just wasn't having it.

So, we stayed up and played...a lot. We had to abandon the walker for the day as he has learned to escape. I caught him pulling himself out with the help of his pushchair and because he was so stealthy about it, I had only noticed when he was flat on his belly across the tray and reaching toward the floor. He actually executed the dismount pretty impressively.

His obsession lately is getting himself up to sitting on his knees and flailing his arms or bouncing as well as pulling himself to standing and then letting go and balancing for 30 seconds or so. He even made some attempts to turn towards me (as I was sitting right there) and "walk." Although, his walk was more like "TIIIIMBERRRRRRRRRR!" because he would just fall like a big tree in a forest into my chest.

Silly, bunny.

Before Matt arrived home we ventured out into the garden for a little fresh air and brought along his push-walker. I really love how he's not discouraged at all when he loses his balance and tumbles because he just grabs the handle and hoists himself back up. He really had a blast.

Finally we picked an apple off the apple tree and washed it off. Then sat out on the patio where Ryan enjoyed his first proper bite of a whole apple.

I got him started with a small nibble just to break the skin, but he carried on for the next 30 or 40 minutes munching away and even managed to eat half before dropping it on the floor shortly after Matt arrived home.

Now I'm just hoping all this activity will make for one tired little lad who wants to stay in his cot tonight and let Mommy and Daddy have their sleep, too.

::fingers crossed::

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