Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Y3 - 6/365: Brr, I Said It's Cold Out Here...

It's not freezing, but cold enough for Ryan's little donnies to end up like tiny blocks of we whipped out the mitts today for our trip to the park. Many of my Facebook buds saw in my status that we were stuck inside all day -- and it was GORGEOUS, which was a shame. I left my keys in the car and Matt drove to work unknowing. So, when he locked the door on his way out to work this morning, he locked us IN the house. Of course, if something happened and we needed to get out, we could have gotten out a window...but it still kept us in for the nicer bit of the day.

When we got back from the park, the tea that I had gotten started when Matt walked in was all ready for dishing up. We had pork chops with mashed potato, broccoli, carrots and parsnip. Ryan enjoyed the parsnip and even alternated bites with his carrot. He even looked at it at one point as if to say, "This is a funny looking carrot, Mommy."

To be fair, before I moved here I had never tried a parsnip before. As it turns out...I like them. Imagine that! I also quite like brussel sprouts as well -- when cooked properly (which as far as I am aware is the only way Emma knows how to do them).

It's one thing about the way in which we treat food with Ryan that makes me happy. He doesn't turn his nose up at a thing and we always offer a bit of what we're having. He loves carrots so much we even think he may turn into one!


Brianna said...

If Ryan is turning into a carrot, then Griffin will surely be a cheerio... or a chicken?

Sharon said...

Lillia will eqt absolutely anything too, although now she is developign her own sense of what she wants to eat, so if i go through the fridge, and put my hand on something if she wants it she will say "mmmmmmm" if not she goes silent haha