Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Y3 - 20/365: A Christmas Halloween? Story

Remember the little boy, Flick, from 'A Christmas Story' who got his tongue stuck to a flagpole in the winter? Yeah...looks like I'll need to worry about my son a little more than previously thought after our visit to the park today...see for yourself.

Matt was mortified when I showed him the pictures...and I'm sure felt a bit surprised that I even cared enough to stop and take several photos as evidence as Ryan mouthed the germy chain, but this is our son. The boy who doesn't discriminate and apparently puts ANYTHING in his mouth! (See photo-exhibits A, B, and C.)

It didn't make a difference how many times I told him "Yuck!" or "No!" He just carried on each and every time I'd pull him away. And I know deep down it's only because he is a curious baby like any other and he doesn't know better, but it still doesn't mean I won't be canvassing the grounds of the first school he attends to note either the absence or the location of their flagpole.

::double checks number for the Fire Brigade::


Bekah said...

haha yikes!! Jack was making out with the shopping cart the other day..I didnt see it at first but then put a quick stop to it because...ew a shopping cart?!

Brianna said...
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Brianna said...

I always get sad when they leave that poor boy out there all alone in that movie - I hate that part!

Ryan is just building up his immune system, right?

Natalie said...

"Thtuuuck?...thtuuuck...THUUUUCKK!!! AAAHAHAHAAA!" Haha, aww. Poor Flick. :)