Friday, 15 October 2010

Y3 - 15/365: I've Got to Break Free

My clever Houdini has now sussed how to escape the confines of the walker. He has started resisting it at times when I go to place him inside if I need to pop out of the room, but I never expected he would develop the ingenuity with which to formulate a plan to actually break free.

I should point out that the photo isn't as dangerous as it looks -- no babies were harmed in the reenacting of this stunt. I watched him manoeuvre himself over the tray of the walker with stealth precision. He figured that if he pulls the push-walker close enough, he can use the handle to hoist himself out of the seat and onto the tray of the push-walker.

Then he gets a bit of a bewildered look and peers up at me as if to say, "Okay what?"

My only saving grace at the moment is the Jumperoo and it will take some serious skill to figure out how to get out of that one!

Feeling a bit better today although bunged-up-baby-boy has returned. He was quite stuffy this morning and had a bit of yellow snot (mommies have licence to discuss this subject without judgment), so we got an appointment at the doctor's surgery to have his ears/throat checked and chest listened to. No surprise he tried to eat the doctor's stethoscope! But in the end she said there's no concern for infection and just carry on torturing him with saline drops and the bulb decongester.

We're on our own for a bit tonight as Daddy is popping down to visit Uncle Daz. Someone (in my arms) is looking a bit sleepy now so I think we may head up for a bath and PJ's now and see if sleep isn't far behind.

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