Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Y3 - 26/365: What Nap Time?

Occasionally on an afternoon when Ryan falls asleep, I will place him on a couple of pillows on the floor and cover him with his blanket. I do this because too often I will place him into his cot and within minutes (usually long enough for me to go downstairs and make myself a sandwich) he will wake up crying and I have to go back up and collect him.

Today he went down for his morning nap beautifully. I put him in his cot with my own pillow (so he has my scent) and he stayed down for a full baby sleep cycle of 45 minutes exactly.

Good enough for me.

This afternoon was a different story. He fell asleep, but I could tell it wasn't a very deep one so I made his pillow "bed" on the floor and gently placed him down. Not even five minutes passed and his little head was up as his baby-dar (baby-radar) went off that he was no longer against Mommy's chest. So I immediately switch to plan B...some Norah Jones on YouTube and 3 songs later he is spark out.

I rock him for a bit to make sure he is out before placing him back onto the pillows. This time curtains drawn and TV on an 'off air' channel. Before I have time to even get off the floor myself, he rolls over as if he was faking sleep and this is the look I get.

Hmm...plenty of time tomorrow for a nap, I suppose.

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