Friday, 22 October 2010

Y3 - 22/365: Ain't Nothin Gonna Break My Stride...Nobody Gonna Slow Me Down...

Look out! Two days in a row without a photo of Ryan. We had some books to return to the library and I took the photo and thought how much I'm going to love when the new library is completed in Blackheath Town Centre!

To be fair, if I would have included any of the photos of Ryan I took today, all you would see would be a baby blur because boy was my boy a'movin! He just could not be stopped...full stop. In fact, today led to yet another milestone jotted into his Beatrix Potter First Year Baby Book...

Our baby boy, Ryan, took his first steps!

He's been working his way up to this moment as he used to just do his version of a "trust fall" into our bodies when propped or pulling himself up to the sofa. But today, no least not intentionally. I was on the phone with Matt early this morning and sitting on the floor while Ryan beat his hands against the settee. Next thing I know, I see Ryan turn towards me like he sometimes does, and this time he took 4-5 proper steady steps toward me.

I shouted down the phone, "Oh my God...he just walked!" to Matt, who I know was a bit bummed that he missed it. But I made sure to get plenty of videos and I let him practice till his heart was content for the rest of the day. A few times he would steady himself and turn and walk AWAY from me and I would have to chase after him to make sure he didn't face-plant. Then again, a few times...he did. But he'd just get back up and crawl to the sofa and start again.

He was loving it!

Once Matt was home Ryan was able to show off his skills for Daddy as well. We both nearly cried at the clever cookie before us!

He still needs quite some work on his balance, but he's taking chances and having loads of fun doing it -- so for now, that's all that matters!

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