Thursday, 7 October 2010

Y3 - 7/365: Hushabye...Go to Sleepy Little Baby

I take lots of sleeping baby photos -- correction...I take lots of photos, full stop. Many of them are of my baby when he's sleeping...WHEN he is sleeping. But I can't help it. Just look at him -- not a care in the world...completely peaceful.

This was the result of sitting on my lap as we (meaning just myself, really) sang along to some karaoke versions of songs on You Tube. He really enjoys Norah Jones as well as 50s/60s scatting music. I blame Zingzilla's for that. Regardless...every time it puts him to sleep. This time just happened to be around 8pm before he had a chance to have his bath. Since I knew it wouldn't last long, Matt and I went ahead and had our tea and before we could finish, he was woken by the sound of the phone ringing -- stupid automated sales calls!

We attended the baby clinic today. I intended on going a couple of weeks back but I forgot BOTH times until it was too late. They're only open from 2-3:30 on Thursdays, so that's a pretty small window.

Anyway, he now weighs 18 lbs 10 oz and is plotting just between the 9th and 25th centile. His birth weight was on the 75th, but then he quickly regulated to the 50th. It's not uncommon for babies around this age to drop a bit as they're getting much more active...and in Ryan's case it's the absolute truth. The boy can't sit still! In fact, when I asked if we could measure his height, the health visitor was happy to help. However, Ryan wasn't keen on cooperating -- perhaps because he was butt naked with me holding his head in place as the health visitor tried to stretch his leg straight and flex his foot back? The 68 cm measurement wasn't exactly accurate, but that is what will go in his baby book for 9 months.

I do pray he gets a bit of Daddy's height.

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