Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Y3 - 27/365: Two Steps Forward...

Boy oh boy is our boy on the move or what?! All day he has been perfecting his new-found skill and it's amazing to watch! He doesn't get discouraged when he falls, although he just may very well give me a heart attack when he does, and he's forever trying to push himself just a little bit further. I hope this determination is a permanent trait.

For example, I now give him free reign of the front room...the fireplace is padded around the marble base with cushions, the telly is blocked off with the footstool, and the door into the hallway and the rest of the house now stays closed (ever since he figured out how to stand to one side and pull it open when we left it cracked before). Well, because he can roam as he pleases, he has developed a lot more independence and spends a great deal of his day playing in the bay window, where we have many of his toys displayed on the ledge, like his sensory bottles, books and assortment of colourful blocks and plushies. He enjoys cruising the entire length of the window playing with his things and even ventures around the room batting his cloth sensory cubes.

Tonight, he was playing at the base of the settee where I was sitting and pulling himself up on my leg where he would then put both hands in the air and wave them while shrieking in pure delight. He did this several times in a row so I grabbed my camera, low on batteries and all, and prepared to catch him in the act the next time he popped up in front of me like a cute little weasel.

Then he did it.

He turned his back to me and just started walking away. Okay...maybe not walk...more like stumble like a little, tiny drunken sailor -- but the point is he wasn't walking towards ANYONE! He took about six staggered steps towards the fireplace (so immediately I leaped off the couch to 'shadow' him in case he got too close). When he noticed I was behind him a bit he stopped, re-gained his balance, still standing and then continued to walk away from me towards the TV -- about four more steps. He started to wobble a bit so I called his name and told him "now walk to Mommy," and he turned yet again, hands in the air and mouth wide open, like he was on a thrill ride at the amusement park and walked a further 4-5 steps to me!

I was in such shock!

He's by no means walking steady on his own, but he has such an eagerness to try as much as he can! I immediately scooped him up and ran upstairs to tell Matt. Of course, Daddy was chuffed with the news of what a clever little man we have -- as always. Neither of us like to assume that Ryan will reach any specific milestone by any certain age, but we can't help but suspect that given Ryan's willpower, he will be full-on walking in no time!

Do they make bubble wrap wallpaper, carpet and furniture?

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