Saturday, 16 October 2010

Y3 - 16/365: Introducing...The Lip

I have noticied in looking through today's photos that Ryan is learning some new facial expressions involving his bottom lip. Most of them occur when being given a stern "NO" for things like pulling open the oven door, playing with power leads, or trying to get into the rubbish bag...all things I deem dangerous or otherwise unsafe, basically. But he is starting to test my willpower and consistency by pulling this little trump card, and let me tell's not working.

But it's funny.

Take this one, for example. He looks like he's going to straight-up knock someone out. This must have been when I told him the pizza crusts were "all gone" and he wasn't keen on that answer.

And then THIS one! Oh my, this one...this is his side-eye. He's judging me here. This is what I like to think of as his Gary Coleman "What'chu talkin 'bout, Willis" face. I mean COME ON!


Smocha said...

Hysterical !and sooo cute:)

Natalie said...

HA! OMG the Watchu talkin bout Willis face is AMAZING. Haha!!

Meg said...

He is a funny one, my boy.