Sunday, 31 October 2010

Y3 - 31/365: This is Halloween!

I told Matt this morning that although Ryan was too young to fully participate in pumpkin-carving, I still wanted him to have a chance to feel the insides of the pumpkin and the seeds.

He managed to grab some of the slippery pulp a couple of times and even got some briefly into his mouth before I quickly retrieved it. I'm no expert, but I don't think raw pumpkin pulp is exactly healthy on a still immature baby gut.

He really got a kick out of it though and even made quite the mess on his sleep-suit within the short five minutes. Good thing I waited until after our carving session to feed and dress him.

We only ended up carving two of our three pumpkins, sadly, because we ran out of time. Ryan's (top) even has five teeth -- just like him! I think next year a proper carving kit is in order as it's not so easy to carve with a paring knife. Also, next year we will know enough to avoid Tesco's 3 for £4.50 and go straight to Asda where they are much bigger and only cost £1/each.

What better way to end the weekend than a delicious and filling Sunday dinner and quality time with the family!!


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