Thursday, 30 September 2010

Year 2 Day 365: Moving Forward

I'm going out on a limb and calling last night a success with Ryan and his new room. Did he sleep through the night? No. Did he wake up somewhere in the neighbourhood of 6-8 times? Oh yes he certainly did. Did we have a repeat of the night before resulting in a snotty baby on my chest while I attempted sleep on the sofa? Nope. All because, get this...

He. Stayed. In. His. Own. Room.

So was I happy when I was STILL awake at 5am trying for the 3rd time that hour to put him in the cot? Ohhhhh no I wasn't. But I was happy when Matt, who was leaving for work at 8am, came into OUR room to kiss me goodbye and reported that Ryan was STILL ASLEEP!! This meant, I could follow suit and return to my duvet garden of dreaminess.


Of course, by 9:30 Ryan was certainly letting me know, baby monitor or not...through TWO closed doors, even...that he was more than ready to start his day. Thankfully for him, his Mommy was better-rested and more than happy to oblige. In fact, we even had the opportunity with some brilliant sunny weather to get away from destroying Mommy's book club catalogue and get outside for a walk!

It was a good catalogue.

Now...roll on 365 Part THREE!!

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Bekah said...

hey! Its a start! It took Jack a LOOOONG time to finally get his sleep schedule worked out, but now at 11 months, he sleeps like a champ. (He was still getting up four to five times a month ago!) Hang in there, and good job keeping him in his room! A well rested baby is much happier than a sleepy one!