Sunday, 5 September 2010

Year 2 Day 340: Long Time, No See

We haven't been to my in-laws' to visit since Matt's birthday in August, so I was telling Matt all week that we really needed to find a good time to get together since they hadn't seen Ryan. When we arrived it didn't take long for Ryan to end up snuggled in his Nan's lap to look at his new book. He was very curious about this book as it had a clock on it with movable hands that made "clicky" noises.

Grandad then took the opportunity to get out his new camera for some photos and even gave Ryan a little peek of a video with his cousin, Amy.

Of course, Ryan didn't mind showing off his newest developed skills and strength for his Grandad. He even nearly took some supported (wobbly) steps toward Daddy at one point.

He's really looking forward to visiting them again very soon!!

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Sharon said...

aww so precious, there is nothgin like the relationship a child has with their grand parents, he looks liek he really enjoyed his time with them.