Friday, 10 September 2010

Year 2 Day 345: This is What Happens...

...when your eyes aren't ON him for a split second!

Matt has a habit of taking his jeans off downstairs so he won't wake Ryan with the noisy belt when he comes up to bed at night. Because of this, they can be found usually draped over the back of the sofa. I've gotten so used to this it's like part of the living room furniture until he returns home from work.

I have recently arranged things in a "baby-safe" manner so Ryan has full run of the front room when in the walker. Certain things are blocked off, like the fire and small end tables, so he can scamper back and forth without worry of pulling something onto himself.

Apparently I forgot about the jeans.

When I saw him I could only laugh because he jets around the room now like a crazed lorry-driver and it seemed as if the jeans were as much a casualty as would be an innocent bug smashed against someones grill on the motorway.

This photo was a last minute addition as I didn't start reviewing photos for the blog until after he had gone up to bed. I took it because he was using me as a climbing frame and he was so truly ticked by the fact he was pulling himself up and then the camera would appear.

Upon closer inspection...(besides the bogies)...

I didn't notice anything throughout the day, but the more I look at this photo it seems his fourth has cut through as well. That's only about a week from his third!

But hey...I'll take that. No huge change in his temperament this time. Could this be a sign that he's just used to it by now? I doubt it...but hey!

Roll on toothy-peg number FIVE!!

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