Friday, 3 September 2010

Year 2 Day 338: Toothy-Peg Torture - Round 3!

Ryan barely slept last night. I checked the logs I have been keeping and I think it was maybe just over 6 hours? That isn't a lot for a baby - nor is it near enough!

So, do you know how much sleep Mommy got?? Three hours. ONLY three!

I discovered shortly after Matt left for work exactly why sleep was so difficult for my little mite. Are you ready? Drum roll, please...

We now have tooth number THREE!!

Ryan's top front tooth on the left has started breaking through the gum. You can even feel the ridge a bit when you dare to chance putting your finger in his mouth. He had been sticking his tongue out the past few days and I think I will know now that is a sign that one is about to come.

Fast forward to late tonight before I had a chance to blog and I decided after he woke the first time, that I would just bring him down to me until he was sleepy again. One thing I have learned is that teething trumps all and it's much easier to go with the flow during these times than to force him back to sleep and end up back upstairs with him every hour until I went to bed.

As you can see, Ryan didn't mind this executive decision, and he was ready for sleep again within the hour!

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