Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Year 2 Day 349: You're Pushin' It!

Quite literally, he was today! The boy cannot be stopped! He has to be climbing onto or out of or OFF of something anymore. Gone are the days where he will sit patiently in the wicker chair in the bathroom holding his plastic duck while Mommy brushes her teeth. Gone are the days where I can leave the room to prepare lunch and be confident that he won't be spread-eagle across the tray of the walker trying to climb out and into his push-chair. Fully-walking or not, we have a mobile baby who doesn't have much in mind for staying put for very long.

Today he pushed the walker (yes, from the OUTSIDE) from one end of the front room to the other and onward behind the sofa and back again. He was on FIRE!

But that wasn't a foreshadowing for how the day would end...

By mid-afternoon, a mildly runny nose I had noticed from the morning was like a leaky tap that wouldn't stop. His eyes appeared glazed and his energy quickly diminished. He had a feed before Matt got home and I thought he would go down for a nap, but he lasted 10 seconds in his cot before his nose was bothering him and he just wanted a cuddle. It wasn't until nearly 7pm that he finally passed out on my shoulder so I took him up knowing it wouldn't be for the night.

Shortly after eight, he was crying again upstairs so I brought him down to have a scrambled egg and toast soldiers while Matt and I had egg on toast. I noticed he was looking distant, but when I touched his skin it was like a hot coal. His temp measured 100.7 so I got a nice bath ready and gave him some Calprofen for the fever. We even elevated his mattress slightly with pillows to help.

Now I sit finishing the blog with a baby asleep on my shoulder once again. He lasted 20 minutes before I made him battle the snot-sucker because he woke unable to inhale or exhale easily through his nose again. I suspect this will be ongoing tonight, I just hope after such a long, busy day this little guy and his bunged-up nose can get some rest.

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Bekah said...

aw that sounds like Jack last week. His fever topped out at 101.3...its rotten when they are sick. I hope he feels better soon! And hang in there momma, its tough when they are sick and all they want is you!