Monday, 13 September 2010

Year 2 Day 348: Cheeky Brit

Tonight's photo is a bit of a double meaning because not only is Ryan both British AND Cheeky, but the actual bum or cheek of his jeans is representing as well! The jeans are still a bit roomy and I have to roll them a couple times because Matt's height gene hasn't kicked in, but this purchase a couple months back couldn't be passed up when we saw them at Matalan. We knew if we bought them in a 6-9 that he could at least grow into them and they would last a while. There's nothing either of us loathe more than wasting money on something that won't last him a bit, considering how fast babies grow out of things.

He showed them off for Nan and Grandad when we stopped by for a little visit.

He also got the chance to re-enact his performance with a push-walker when Josie brought down Matt's old one that he used when he was just a baby. It's wooden with a metal handle and it holds a set of multi-coloured wooden blocks in the base. It was definitely a hit, but will need a good wipe down with the dust it had collected in its 30+ years without use. A photo of this will be a must when it's all ready.

I can't wait!

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