Friday, 17 September 2010

Year 2 Day 352: Don't Try This At Home

I have come to the conclusion that changing my dear son's nappy at times is as simple and easy as trying to give an enema to an angry alligator.

You see, he loathes (and I mean LOATHES) being on his back most of the time, so unless distracted by some song-singing on the telly or a pretty purple bottle of Mommy's A-Z Multivitamins, you have no chance. Lately the difficulty has been successfully executing the clean-up portion of the experience while he flips and flops his body whilst trying to spin into the infamous gator death roll.

Not pretty.

Especially when he's grabbing at the wipe that's covering his boy bits (to protect one from getting hosed down) and then trying to put said wipe into his mouth -- because what else would a baby want to do with a baby wipe, right?

Then there's the tedious task of trying to secure closed the new nappy while he continues to try to flip to his belly, or better yet, while he's bashing you in the knuckles with the multivitamin bottle you so cleverly gave him previously to distract him.

Bruised knuckles or not...this boy is leaving with a clean bum and nappy. Even if it means leaving a bit of destruction in his wake.

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