Sunday, 12 September 2010

Year 2 Day 347: Obituary for Mr. S.D. Card

S.D. "POS" Card, an 8GB memory-recording device, died suddenly the 12th of September, 2010. It was the casualty of the finicky card-reader purchased several years back from Dollar General and a victim of shoddy design and quality. He was less than 12 months old.
Mr. Card was purchased in a small camera shop in Merry Hill Shopping Centre to replace another card and he allowed the taking of many wonderful photos, including the birth of the world's cutest baby. S.D.'s photos were featured on this very blog on a daily basis. At the time of his death he was about to provide the photos for day 347.
S.D. Card is survived by his 1GB cousin, S.D. Polaroid, who has provided tonight's photos. Funeral arrangements: TBA.

Let me start by saying how unbelievably excited I was to blog tonight because Ryan took his first steps with his cousin, Amy's push-walker!! No help from Mommy or Daddy...just off across the floor all on his own! He's still unsteady in his balance, but the boy has NO FEAR and is so determined. The best part of all was that my camera was naturally close by and all that was required was to get Matt to spot him in case he fell over so I could snap some photos.

And let me tell you...snap some photos I did! I don't recall how many I took, but in reviewing them on the way home I knew I would have a difficult time choosing just one or two.

Once Ryan had been fed and put to bed, I anxiously came back downstairs and retrieved my camera from its case. I removed the memory card and inserted it into the card reader just as I do every night before I blog. When I saw that it hadn't recognised any new media I knew I was in for the familiar game of "insert-remove" as the card reader had an annoying knack for not wanting to read the card right away. I must have done this close to 50 times before getting fed up. That was around the time Matt came into the room needing to use the PC briefly.

I had a bit of a strop and pulled the memory card out and tossed the card reader aside, purely out of frustration that it wasn't reading the card. When I inserted the card back into my camera I soon realised it wasn't seeing the photos there either. So, I removed the card yet again and examined it closely only to discover...

...the corner now had a chip in the flimsy plastic. Clearly this had to have been from repeated attempts to get the card reader to READ THE CARD, which it wasn't doing. This confirmed my worst fear!

The pictures are gone because the card is broken and cannot be read!

This means the photos I have taken of my son over the last TWO days were lost!! Granted, I did just back the card up on Friday, so it could have been could have been a lot more photos. But still.

This is where I admit...I still cried about it.

I know, I the whaaaaaambulance. But c'mon...anyone who takes loads of photos can probably appreciate that these memories are precious and losing them is

Anyway, I'm a bit over it now. Still disappointed that I don't have the photos to show what happened tonight, but I guess that means I will have to re-stage tonight's events. Shame.

And with that...I'm going to bed.

::moment of silence in remembrance of S.D. Card::

Thank you, and Goodnight.

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Brianna said...

Rest in peace Mr. Card.