Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Year 2 Day 357: Throwback

Finally! We had brilliant lighting and despite the photo's subject staging a napping-strike ALL DAY, he still managed to keep his cool through the photos and I think I got quite a few good ones out of the twenty-plus that I took.

First, I'd like to point out a few things. One being the teddy bear -- a gift from Ryan's Great-Aunt Margaret and Great-Uncle Eric from Manchester. They brought it when they came to visit a couple months back and it was exactly what I was looking for to go with the colours in the photo.

Another thing is Ryan's outfit -- we picked this out from Tesco and the top reads "I'm Daddy's Best Invention." As far as phrase/novelty tees, I thought it would suit the photo perfectly considering another item in the photo has quite the significance to Daddy as well...

...And that would be the "Strida Walker," which used to belong to Matt when he was just a wee one. Josie (MIL) was such a sweetheart and scrubbed up all the blocks inside after bringing it downstairs during our visit last week. Matt wants to give the whole thing a lick of paint, but I'm quite fond of the vintage look of we'll see what happens. But I'm absolutely loving that our son is learning to walk using the very thing that his Daddy used when he was little!

Of course when we initially set up, Ryan was more interested in the grass than cuddling his teddy and looking cute for the photo...

But I did get a couple here and there where he seemed happy to smile and ham it up for the camera.

So, I then decided to give him some smaller props to hold and distract him from the grass.

Only he kept dropping them and eventually dove, face-first, into the grass after them.

Since we were under the apple tree, I got the fabulous idea that he should hold some apples. But anyone who knows Ryan can guess what he did with those...

...He tried to EAT them, of course!

Want to guess then what he did when I took the apples away and gave him back his teddy?

Lucky guess!

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