Friday, 24 September 2010

Year 2 Day 359: Feels Like Friday

I've been trying my best this week to make certain Ryan has been having both breakfast and lunch consistently, ensuring he would get a minimum of two meals a day even if he had to be put to bed before we had dinner. Today I thought I would change up the menu a bit from jam sandwiches, a carrot and sticks of I substituted some pasta twists with a sprinkle of Edam cheese.

Upon DEVOURING his jam sandwiches, Ryan began to segregate his cheesy pasta from the non-cheese-covered twists. You can probably guess which one didn't make the cut! He nearly had me in stitches as I watched him not just drop the pasta off his tray, but pick it up, raise his arm into the air, and drop the pasta from up high just to watch it fall and meet its demise in the carpet. The funniest bit of it all was he was so serious through the whole thing.

He had a change of heart afterwards, however, but I had quickly scraped away the twists.

He took a decent nap this afternoon, for a change. Afterwards we went to the library to get some books. Ryan chose The Five Little Ducks.

When we got home, Matt was already back from work, so Ryan took a break for some In The Night Garden on the telly. Again, he had me giggling to myself as he managed to get one shoe and sock off of only ONE foot...but was quite content to leave the other on.


We went to Em & Daz's shortly after to celebrate Emma's birthday, but about an hour into the visit, Ryan started to get fussy so we headed back home. Matt and I thought he was going to fall asleep in the car on the way back, but he stayed awake.

I think it was just so he could get some Daddy cuddles before bed.

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Brianna said...

I love how at such a young age they already have their little minds made up about what they do and don't want to eat.