Saturday, 4 September 2010

Year 2 Day 339: Look Ma, No Hands! he's just a show off. He only just started pulling himself up on furniture and in his cot, sitting up on his own, and crawling...but now he's going to take it one step further.


Now, when he's holding onto the sofa, he lets go with one hand...or BOTH...and tries to just walk off after something -- forgetting that he doesn't yet have the balance. I told Matt I'm going to start calling him Ryan 'No Fear.'

I was lucky to get a bit of a lie-in this morning...which was nice. Matt reported to me that Ryan whinged off and on the whole time I wasn't downstairs. I guess Mommy cuddles are the best medicine when teeth are giving you a hard time.

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Sharon said...

he will be walking soon enough, go Ryan :)