Monday, 27 September 2010

Year 2 Day 362: Takes a Licking & Keeps On Ticking

Ryan received this cute little interactive book from his Nan a while back and he really gets a kick out of the movable hands on the clock that make clicking noises as you rotate them. Since Ryan is so fixated on shoving everything in his mouth, why did it even surprise me when I hear clicking and look over at him this afternoon to see him turning the clock hands with his tongue?!?!

I nearly spat out my drink!

Oh, and speaking of things of the projectile persuasion. Mr. Waddles was the victim of an unfortunate event at bedtime that led to me needing to shout downstairs for Matt's swift assistance...and Mr. Waddles has a message for all of you out there...

...He says to please forgive him if he doesn't care to hear about if you had " a case of the Mondays." Something tells me he got it a bit worse.

He is currently re-fluffing in the dryer.

Sadly, I didn't get a picture of myself, but believe it or not, I did get it MUCH worse. Put it this way, I unlatched Ryan who did his usual sleepy-moan. So I started to hold him upright to wind him, and the ENTIRE contents of my little man's stomach came flying out and covered my entire left side from the shoulder down and ended up all over his face and clean sleep suit as well. It was so bad, that despite having to hold back laughter, Matt had to whisk Ryan away to change him while I immediately disappeared to the shower to shampoo and comb the mess from my CURLY hair.

So yeah, I'm with Mr. Waddles...I don't think your Monday could have had quite the finish.

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