Thursday, 9 September 2010

Year 2 Day 344: Thursday In the Park

We were blessed with some decent sun today as well as a decent morning nap from the boy, so I didn't hesitate to pack up the push-chair for a lazy afternoon at the park. When we were leaving the drive a few sprinkles threatened to ruin our plans, but the sneaky cloud quickly passed and we were on our way.

Straightaway we noticed a big tractor/lawn-mower cutting grass down on the football pitches, so we fanned out our blanket and set up our camp under a nice shade tree. We watched the mower go back and forth a few times and then settled down for some fun with the stacking cups and a touchy-feeley story.

It wasn't long until Ryan wanted to eat-- I mean, explore the grass. I had to be careful to allow him the freedom to investigate, but still keep a close eye on when he was about to plop a leaf into his trap so I could intercept it.

But I do have to admit...I love his curiosity!

We had a snack of cucumber and carrots and he successfully devoured two whole cucumber sticks! We're still working on raw carrots since his resources are limited right now at two-and-a-half teeth, but he still likes to suck on them.

Before leaving we made a bee-line for the swings before the kids from junior and secondary school arrived and took over. Then we headed home and sir had a lovely 2-hour kip before Matt returned from work.

I'm hoping that all this outdoor time will help with his sleeping tonight...although I know deep down that he is just a baby and they don't always sleep how we would like them to. All I know is he napped like a Champ today -- and I can dig that!

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