Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Year 2 Day 350: Poorly Baby

After a temp of 101.1 around 3am, I kept Ryan up for about an hour to monitor his temperature. By 4am I could feel him sweating on me, so I knew the fever had broken. He was awake and crying at 4:20, 5:20, and 6:20 before I finally just brought him downstairs to rest on me on the sofa.

Of course, THEN he decided to sleep.

He was okay enough during the day to play, but you could hear in his breathing that he just wasn't fully himself.

After Matt came home from work, we decided to play it by ear and still went through the bedtime routine even though he returned back downstairs with me in the end. So we thought we would just let him stay up and get in his cuddles since he was feeling so poorly.

We attempted to put him 45 minutes before we came up to bed, and he lasted about 10 minutes once we got into bed ourselves. Pillows under my right arm and baby on my left shoulder, we retreated yet again to the front room to set up camp on the sofa. No sense in having two sleepless nights in a row.

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