Saturday, 18 September 2010

Year 2 Day 353: The Cheese Stands Alone

The first thing Ryan is interested in when we visit his cousin, Amy (BESIDES his excitement over seeing his cousin, Amy) is cousin Amy's activity block. This was the very thing that caught his interest enough that he wanted to stand as much as possible to play with it, and he even first learned to pull himself to standing by using this very block!

Of course, now he can pull himself to standing without much trouble and I am even confident enough as his Mommy to stand back a bit and trust that he can balance himself well enough holding on. He does occasionally let go entirely and try to walk off (forgetting he can't walk, I guess) and a couple times today he would let go and just stand at the block without holding anything -- but I am talking only a matter or 3 seconds or so.

Anyway, Daddy and I suspect that at this another 3 months, by his first birthday and Christmas (or maybe even sooner) he may very well be walking!  ::gasp::

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