Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Y4 - 4/365: Jump Start to the Week!

Today was the start of my work week this week and there is rumour that we're due for snow by the weekend (believe THAT when I see it) so when Ryan begged me to, "Go, go, go..." meaning he wanted to go outside in the garden, I thought I would humour him. It was pretty windy so into his jacket and outside we were!

There is a massive growth of wild mushrooms by a couple of the tree stumps in the lower garden and Ryan made a game out of jumping off the stump and OVER the mushrooms! I was pretty impressed!!

We also closely examined some white "berry-like" bits on a bush near his swing. I was worried he might try to eat them so I didn't object when he wanted to pull them off and see how far he could throw.

Only a couple more days of work this week and my weekend isn't far off!

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