Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Y4 - 10/365: Have a Good Day!

This morning started abruptly when I woke once to see 5:50am on my phone, then blinked, and suddenly Matt was shaking me and telling me it was half-past six!

Crap! We overslept!!

I rushed through my shower while Matt got ready and then as I was getting dressed we made the executive decision that since Ryan was still sleeping, it would be best to just get socks on his feet and put a coat on him rather than go through the mess of getting him dressed in a rush just to get me to the train station on time. This worked in our favour because we got Ryan up from his bed (turned the wrong way and hanging halfway out, I might add) just before we left the house and he was in the most cheerful of moods. Matt commented to me later that after returning home to get him ready and then dropping him off at the childminder, it was so hard to leave him because of how much he was beaming and happy.

I was told I had an "easy" day with Nursery for about an hour and then working with a small group of children (Years 3 & 4) on intervention with their sounds. I ended my day in Reception and although it was "easy" in terms of no marking to do...it was exhausting overall because of how much effort I put into the intervention group. If I'm being honest, I felt a bit of a failure because all but one of them didn't even know their alphabet and I was later told how this is due to their previous attendance in the school. It made me feel like the time I had with them was wasted because had I known this in advance I could have planned a more basic lesson to start a strong scaffolded foundation. To me, it's a shame they have missed out on so much already as this will not only hurt them academically in the long run, but this is also a main cause of why so many children play about and don't listen well or follow simple directions. They are lost, don't know what to do...so they get bored and mess about!

Still, on the bright side I was able to sign out before 4pm, which meant I was able to catch the "early" train home and I beat Matt back!

About 20 minutes after I had arrived home, Matt walked in carrying Ryan who exlaimed, "Mamaaaaaa," as soon as he saw me and leaned towards me for a cuddle. Then I watched as he grabbed his monkey and penguin and proceeded to "put them to bed|" by tucking them in and giving them cuddles and kisses. Then he climbed up with them, looked at me, and said, "Nigh nigh," and layed his head on top!

Sweetest thing ever and it nearly made me forget all about my hectic morning.

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