Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Y4 - 18/365: Just a Boy, Just an Ordinary Boy

Ryan spent a good part of the morning following the cat around on all fours and trying to kiss him. Each time he would get close enough for a peck, Myst would do a 180 and all Ryan was left with was a mouth full of fluffy tail...but Ryan didn't let that discourage him. He would simply squawk, giggle, and chase after Myst again!

We're working on "being gentle with the kitty" so as long as he is patting him softly and trying to give him smooches, I'm okay with that.

By naptime Ryan was shattered. He had asked for some milk first thing this morning, but then only an hour and a half later was signing for it again. By noon he was tucked into bed with his Daddy's old teddy bear (who he has been clinging to a lot the past 24 hours) and even snoring a little!

Since I'm at work just the one day this week he will be going to the childminder in the morning. With our dinner being a bit later we decided he should skip a proper bath tonight and just get straight into his PJs.

It's a good thing we all agree that straight to bed is the best choice tonight.

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