Friday, 14 October 2011

Y4 - 14/365: Baby Go Bump

Ryan is no stranger to injury so when he gets a small blow to the head, for example, it no longer phases us like it did when he first started "collecting" them. I've stated before he has no fear and tonight it wasn't even that which caused his most recent battle wound. He was trying to hug the back of my legs as I was walking across the room and before I could stop, he slipped and smacked into the wooden bit on the bottom of the sofa when he fell.

The smack was quite audible and so was his cry just after, so I immediately scooped him up and began the ritual of rocking and shushing while I went to the kitchen to get something cold for his forehead.

Thankfully, Matt was close by so he grabbed some frozen veg and a dampened cloth and then made a small bottle of milk to help distract and keep him calm while I held the compress to his head. It went purplish immediately so I knew he couldn't avoid a bruise, but I didn't want the swelling to have much of a chance.

After a little RaaRaa The Noisy Lion and 6 ounces of moo juice, he was back on his feet and acting as silly as ever.

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