Friday, 21 October 2011

Y4 - 21/365: "To The Cubby Buggy...Let's Jungley Jump To It!"

It's Friday and we've just returned home from a little jaunt out to Merry Hill to pick up a few bits before Matt leaves for Torquay this weekend. It's our friend, Tony's, birthday and he and Daz are heading down together to help celebrate.

Since they're leaving later tonight, we made a special trip to Toys R Us during our other errands to pick up Ryan's first Raa Raa toy since they were only just released this week. Ryan wasn't keen on any of the plushies, so we opted for one of the less expensive options which includes a Raa Raa character and his Cubby Buggy (or 'car car' if you're Ryan).

Before Daz arrived for Matt we gave it a few test runs around the front room and so far, so good -- he seems to love it and keeps saying, "Raa Raa, gooooooo!"

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