Thursday, 27 October 2011

Y4 - 27/365: I Can Do It...Type Like Mommy!

Ryan sat on my lap watching his toons for a bit this morning as I typed at the computer. Shortly after he got down, I watched him get out his own Leaptop and begin imitating my typing. He'd then look up at me and give me a cheesy grin before going back to typing again.

He is also quite a fan of the ABC song so he will press the music button repeatedly until it cycles back to the song. He doesn't really sing along until it gets to the letter 'E' and then that's all he "sings" for the rest of the song.

I must admit, although I will really miss his toddler days, I am so impressed with the way he seems to learn or do something new every other day. He's amazing!

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