Monday, 17 October 2011

Y4 - 17/365: Rainy Day...Messy Play

I decided today was perfect for a little indoor messy-play, so before Ryan was up from his nap, I prepared and set aside what we would need to make our very own playdough. As soon as Ryan shouted for me from the top of the stairs, I immediately brought him into the front room where everything we needed was already waiting. He couldn't wait to get started and warmed up by doing some imaginary mixing.

I helped him add 1 cup of flour and 1/2 cup of salt to begin.

He took to it like a natural and needed no instruction from Mommy to "mix" the dry ingredients together before I then added 1/2 cup of boiled water (from the kettle).

I then showed him how to knead the dough together with his hands. He particularly enjoyed this part although I knew what was coming...he took this chance to have a taste of the lovely, homemade concoction and quickly learned that something so salty wasn't quite as appealing as he once thought.

After the dough was kneaded, Ryan helped by pretending to add the yellow food colouring.

I set aside the supplies and we got right down to business...the playing bit.

He squeezed, rolled, flattened, sniffed (and occasionally tasted) his new creation and we even used some of his sand toys from this past summer as cookie cutters to make playdough shapes.

At one point I rolled a portion into a long "snake" and Ryan's response was, "Nanaaaaaaa!" I think he may have actually thought it WAS a banana.

But I have a different thought on who the ACTUAL "banana" is!

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