Friday, 28 October 2011

Y4 - 28/365: Reginald D. Hunter

Earlier in the week I saw a message off an expat friend asking if anyone was interested in tickets to see Reginald D. Hunter, another American expat who is also a comedian here in the UK. I didn't know many details at the time other than there was no certainty that the person was able to get the tickets but they would be free if they were able to get them.

After discussing it with Matt, first to see if he wanted to go, he suggested I go ahead if it was going to happen. He has had a bad back for the past week or so and didn't think sitting for that long of a period would help matters.

We got the message late this morning that they got the tickets so fellow expat, Erin, agreed to meet me at Wolverhampton train station and walk with me to the venue. We met up with Heather and her husband outside the Civic and then Mel and her husband showed up to collect the tickets before we all went inside and took our seats in the SECOND ROW!!!

Come to find out, Mel is Facebook friends with Reggie because they're both from Georgia and he sent the tickets down himself for us!

Here is a small taste of another one of his performances to give you an idea of the hilarity that followed:

I think it was safe to say we all enjoyed his show and we tried our best to stick around after as he told Mel we might be able to meet him. Unfortunately we were ushered out by security and I had a train to catch.

The only slight downside to the night was the fact that I missed the last train back to Rowley Regis by minutes so took one to New Street thinking I could get another connection to Smethwick Galton Bridge and then onward to Rowley. Once I got to New Street I learned that all the trains had run for the evening and the next one in the direction I needed wasn't until 6am. It was half-eleven at this point, so I had to ring Matt and he had to get Ryan out of bed to Birmingham and fetch me.

I felt awful, but thankfully it didn't seem to affect Ryan much because he just slept in the car and was no trouble at all getting back to bed. A bit of a wild end to the night, but absolutely worth it for seeing Reggie and meeting some more lovely expats!

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